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Meet this outstanding athlete

Meet a recent graduate of Thomas Stone High School who accomplished a lot during her four years. Learn how Faith Breads was introduced to lacrosse and how she became one of the best players in the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference. You will also learn about some of the records she set at Thomas Stone and why her last school sponsored event was a memorable one.


Your Turn


What is your favorite youth sport (any age up through High School) to watch?

When Em was at TSHS, I used to love watching girls soccer. The boys are really into lacrosse. It took me a long time to learn and understand the rules. I think it’s the only sport where if your team sends the ball out of bounds, you can get it back (possibly). In every other sport I can think of, the other team gets the ball.

Em never played softball but I also really enjoy watching girls softball. The speed and accuracy of the underhand pitch amazes me and I get a kick out of the near-constant dugout cheering.

So my favs are girls soccer, lacrosse, and fast pitch softball.

What about you?