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Products and Presentation: Guinness Book of World Records


The most T-shirts worn at once is 257 and was achieved by Sanath Bandara (Sri Lanka) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 22 December 2011. The record was attemted on stage in front of a crowd of people in a public park in Colombo. Sanath was victim of the 2008 Weliveriya bombing in Sri Lanka and has attempted to break Guinness World Records ever since.

Products and Presentation: Famous T-Shirt Statements


The statement tee has always been around seems like, and in fact they’re making a huge comeback this fall. Everyone’s got one, but do you know how long it’s been since the first words were printed out on a shirt? They were replaced by iconic logos for a while before the words came back in vogue, as in “Frankie Says Relax”.


Statement tee

Products and Presentation: Sport-Tek


2015 Sport-Tek. On the field or in the stands, Sport-Tek outfits teams to perform their best.

Products and Presentation: Flip Fold


As promised, here is the other way I fold a lot of my tees.

It’s called the Flip Fold and you can buy these from their website.

I have the Adult size and the Junior (Youth) size. It’s so easy and you get a perfectly folded shirt every time. You can also use it to fold long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, towels, pants and more.

Products and Presentation


Does the thought of folding your laundry stress you out?

I’ll share two techniques that have helped me. (The second tip will be next Thursday.)

Here is:

YouTube: How to Fold a Shirt in 2 Seconds

And, yes, it DOES work. Try it…