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Warrior Dash 2016

The Maryland Warrior Dash was held on Saturday, May 14 at Budds Creek Motocross Track. It was a sloppy, muddy, fun mess this year!

I ran it with my kids (Emmy, Adam, and Mitch), a family friend and her son. We named ourselves Team That’s What She Said! and I made the custom tees with some hot pink tees from Anvil.


Warrior Dash 2016

Warrior Dash 2016

Team That's What She Said!

Team That’s What She Said!














The shirts were definitely less hot pink after the race!!

























St Jude’s Warriors: Thanks for Donating!!

WarriorDash_LogoWe had an absolute blast at the 2015 Warrior Dash in Budds Creek, MD.  I am really glad that I trained for it; otherwise, I don’t think I would have been able to run all the hills.  And there were a LOT of hills!

A couple Lessons Learned:

  1. Next time, we need to get there a lot earlier.  I didn’t anticipate the problems we had parking and then the long walk to registration.  We were scrambling to get to the starting line — I felt like I had already run a 5K!
  2. Getting an early run time is smart.  By the time we were leaving, it was getting hot and steamy.  I’ll bet the mud pits were pretty gross by then.
  3. Sunscreen.  ‘Nuff said.
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  5. Fundraising for St. Jude’s was smart!  The private showers (while small) were wonderful.  Definitely, bring your own soap/shampoo/body wash because they don’t give you much!

Here are some pictures — I’m not sure why they didn’t have any of Adam.  And I couldn’t find the three of us posing afterwards.  🙁

race_721_photo_18242949 race_721_photo_17907134 race_721_photo_17898614 race_721_photo_17887741 race_721_photo_17887710