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Your Turn: Least Intimidating Mascot?


When I think of a sports mascot, I think of some snarling, mean beast that will rip your opponent’s arm off and beat him with it.

That’s not always the case…

Take the mascot of the University of Santa Cruz: the Banana Slug. It doesn’t really make me shake in fear. Disgust, perhaps, but not fear. And it is reading a book.

Delta State University isn’t too intimidating either. They are home to the Fighting Okra. Seriously?!?? #FeartheOkra?

Lastly, I present to you the Stamford University Tree. ooooh. Scary!

So, what is the least threatening mascot that you can think of?

Your Turn: Favorite Tee


Do you have a favorite tee? Take a picture and share it!

(You get extra points if your favorite tee is from Team Spirit Tees)

Your Turn


What kind of sweatshirt do you like best?

Are you a hooded pullover person?

A crewneck kinda kid?

Or do you prefer a sweatshirt that zips?

Your Turn


What is your favorite youth sport (any age up through High School) to watch?

When Em was at TSHS, I used to love watching girls soccer. The boys are really into lacrosse. It took me a long time to learn and understand the rules. I think it’s the only sport where if your team sends the ball out of bounds, you can get it back (possibly). In every other sport I can think of, the other team gets the ball.

Em never played softball but I also really enjoy watching girls softball. The speed and accuracy of the underhand pitch amazes me and I get a kick out of the near-constant dugout cheering.

So my favs are girls soccer, lacrosse, and fast pitch softball.

What about you?

Your Turn


The Harris Poll, which has been asking adult fans, ages 18 and over, about their favorite sport since 1985.

In 2014, 35 percent of fans call the NFL their favorite sport, followed by Major League Baseball (14 percent), college football (11 percent), auto racing (7 percent), the NBA (6 percent), the NHL (5 percent) and college basketball (3 percent).

Do you agree with these results?

I don’t. I would rank them (1) NFL, (2) College Basketball, (3) College Football, (4) NHL, (5) MLB, and (6) auto racing.