What’s Happening in February?


There’s a lot going on in February! Does your team, school, or organization need tees or promotional items for your event?

When it’s cold outside, there is still plenty to get you fired up, like:

Throughout the entire month of February is American Heart Month. Health organizations need promotional items to give away to help raise awareness for this cause. Black History Month is also celebrated which t-shirts are a perfect way to show pride.

basketballChampionship games are played in February including professional football bowls and even more at the local level including basketball championships. T-shirts, koozies, hoodies and many more items can be decorated using your heat press as a giveaway for these parties.

Valentines DayFor the middle of the month, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show the people close to you how much you care. Parties, Valentine’s Day Dances and many more activities are scheduled around this holiday. Along with Valentine’s Day Dances, many local schools hold Winter Formal dances that can include t-shirts or other decorated items as giveawaysformal.

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