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Farrago Friday: 30 BAD Domain Names

#‎FarragoFriday‬ Everyone these days, it seems has a web site. And it all starts with a domain name. It has to be short, clever, memorable, easily spelled and should communicate your business message. Easy, huh? Well, here are 30 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names. Do you have a fav? Mine is Oldmanshaven.com That’s NOT “Old Man …

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Products and Presentation: Famous T-Shirt Statements

#ProductsandPresentation The statement tee has always been around seems like, and in fact they’re making a huge comeback this fall. Everyone’s got one, but do you know how long it’s been since the first words were printed out on a shirt? They were replaced by iconic logos for a while before the words came back …

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Show-off Saturday: Cool Beanz Aprons

I was asked to make some aprons for Cool Beanz Coffee. They are working the Candy Land Ball at Middleton Hall (February 21, 2015 from 8pm — Midnight). All Proceeds Benefit the UM CRMC Birthing Center and Nursery. I guess you can add one more thing to the list of items that I can customize …

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Farrago Friday: Gone With The Wind parody

#‎FarragoFriday‬ farrago: noun. a confused mixture; hodgepodge Carol Burnett: Gone With the Wind parody. Love it!!

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Products and Presentation: Sport-Tek

#‎ProductsandPresentation‬ 2015 Sport-Tek. On the field or in the stands, Sport-Tek outfits teams to perform their best.

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Wisdom for Wednesday: The most difficult thing

#‎WisdomforWednesday‬ The most difficult thing is the decision to act; the rest is merely tenacity. (Amelia Earhart)

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Your Turn: Favorite Tee

#‎YourTurn‬ Do you have a favorite tee? Take a picture and share it! (You get extra points if your favorite tee is from Team Spirit Tees)

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Around Town: Board recognizes outstanding students

#AroundTown The Board of Education honored five students on Tuesday, Feb. 10 for excellence in academic achievement, career readiness and personal responsibility. Honored were Haakon Berglund, fifth grade, Berry Elementary School; Kailyn Pratta, fifth grade, Dr. Thomas L. Higdon Elementary School; Cheyenne Toma, fifth grade, Eva Turner Elementary School; Camdin Edge, eighth grade, Piccowaxen Middle …

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Show-Off Saturday: Dramatic Steppers

#ShowoffSaturday I did a rush job for the Thomas Stone Dramatic Steppers. They wanted their logo on yellow tees so I used Ultra Cotton tees from Gildan. Then, I decorated them with Stahl’s Premium Plus vinyl in Royal Blue.

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Farrago Friday: Mahalo.com

#‎FarragoFriday ‬farrago: a confused mixture; hodgepodge You can learn anything on the internet these days. Where do you go for the widest range of tutorials on-line? I prefer Mahalo. They have tutorials for Public Speaking, Note Taking, dances, fitness, and a ton more. http://www.mahalo.com I go there for guitar lessons; my favorite teacher is Jen …

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Products and Presentation: Flip Fold

#‎ProductsandPresentation ‬ As promised, here is the other way I fold a lot of my tees. It’s called the Flip Fold and you can buy these from their website. I have the Adult size and the Junior (Youth) size. It’s so easy and you get a perfectly folded shirt every time. You can also use …

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Wisdom for Wednesday

#‎Wisdon4Wednesday ‬ “Without your story, you are perfectly fine.” ~ Byron Katie TRUTH!

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Your Turn

#‎YourTurn ‬ What kind of sweatshirt do you like best? Are you a hooded pullover person? A crewneck kinda kid? Or do you prefer a sweatshirt that zips?

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Around Town

#‎AroundTown ‬ Congratulations to Jordan White from Grace Christian Academy. In their recent game against King’s Christian Academy from St. Mary’s County, the 6-foot-5 junior guard scored his 1,000th career point. The 1,000-point mark became reality when White caught an alley-oop pass from teammate Erik Perry with 4 minutes 59 seconds remaining in the second …

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Farrago Friday

#‎FarragoFriday‬ (farrago, [fuh-rah-goh, -rey-] noun. a confused mixture; hodgepodge) Did you ever watch The Carol Burnett Show? Live television at its best! This is one of my favorite episodes: Tim Conway and his Elephant Story. Enjoy!!! YouTube: The Carol Burnett Show

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Products and Presentation

#‎ProductsandPresentation Does the thought of folding your laundry stress you out? I’ll share two techniques that have helped me. (The second tip will be next Thursday.) Here is: YouTube: How to Fold a Shirt in 2 Seconds And, yes, it DOES work. Try it…

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#‎Wisdom4Wednesdays Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. ~ Chuck Swindoll (from his website) Charles R. Swindoll has devoted his life to the accurate, practical teaching and application of God’s Word and His grace. A pastor at heart, Chuck has served as senior pastor to congregations in …

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Your Turn

#‎YourTurn What is your favorite youth sport (any age up through High School) to watch? When Em was at TSHS, I used to love watching girls soccer. The boys are really into lacrosse. It took me a long time to learn and understand the rules. I think it’s the only sport where if your team …

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Around Town

#AroundTown Keep up to date on all the exciting SMAC games for the week with SMAC’s Conference Calendar. You can see all the scheduled games for all the sports for the week, you can focus on just one school, you can see scores and standings, and you can subscribe to RSS to get automatic updates. …

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