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Farrago Friday: Bacon-Fried Oreos — would you??

farrago, [fuh-rah-goh, -rey-] noun.  a confused mixture; hodgepodge; medley

Welcome to Farrago Friday on this Summer Solstice!

What will you do on this longest day of the year?  What will you eat?

How ’bout Bacon-Fried Oreos?  I love bacon and I am fond of Oreos.  I’m not sold on combining them in any way though.  How about you?  Would you make these?  Have you made these?  Have you ever eaten one?  Would you?

My stomach hurts just reading how to make them.

Now you know about Bacon-Fried Oreos.

You’re welcome.

~Bacon Fried OREOS!