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Farrago Friday: Bacon-Fried Oreos — would you??

farrago, [fuh-rah-goh, -rey-] noun.  a confused mixture; hodgepodge; medley Welcome to Farrago Friday on this Summer Solstice! What will you do on this longest day of the year?  What will you eat? How ’bout Bacon-Fried Oreos?  I love bacon and I am fond of Oreos.  I’m not sold on combining them in any way though.  …

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Farago Friday: Time Lapse of a Microburst

Tucson Wet Microburst (Slow Motion) | August 8th, 2015 from Bryan Snider Photography on Vimeo. Check out this time lapse of a microburst over Tucson. Weather: 1, Umbrellas: 0 #‎FaragoFriday‬ farrago, [fuh-rah-goh, -rey-] noun. a confused mixture; hodgepodge

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