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I have a confession…

No one asked any of these Frequesntly Asked Questions. Rather, I thought about what I would want to know if I were you visiting this site.

And… I looked at a bunch of other sites (tee shirt sites and other customer service industries) to see what their FAQs were.

Hopefully, what I have asked will answer any questions you might have. But, if you have more questions, you can ask them with this form:

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FAQs About Artwork

Question: Can I use my own logo or image? Answer: That depends. Is your image a bitmap image or a vector image? Question: What is the difference between bitmap (or raster) images and vector images? Answer: There are two kinds of computer graphics – raster (composed of pixels) and vector (composed of paths). Raster images …

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FAQs about Ordering

Question: How do you print t-shirts Answer: Depending on the quantity, complexity and number of colors in the design, I can print your order using indirect screen printing, vinyl, Direct to Garment, or laser. If you have a preference for one, please let me know when you request a quote. Question: What is indirect screen …

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FAQs about Payment

Question: How much will my order cost? Answer: Your cost depends mostly on 4 things: The color of your garment (white tees cost less than colored tees) How many items you order (I offer price breaks for more items) The number of colors in your design (a 1-color design costs less than a 4-color design) …

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FAQs about Returns

Question: What is your return policy? Answer: Before I print your order, I will send you a .pdf proof. You are asked to check your design for spelling and content errors. Every order from Team Spirit Tees is printed-to-order just for you. Since every product is custom made, returned items can’t be resold on my …

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More Questions

I have another question… If you don’t see your question, you can ask it with this form. If you would like a personal response, please enter your e-mail address. Otherwise, I’ll post your question and my response in the FAQs section.

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